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How to Know if You're Performing Your Job up to Standard

New Jobs Corner 21 December, 2020

All workers at all jobs want to know if they're performing their duties up to standard. It helps them realize where they stand and know what they have to do to improve and grow. These are three ways that you can tell if you are performing yours up to par.

Good Performance Reviews

Many companies give performance reviews to their workers every year or quarter. Your performance review will tell you if you're coming along well or if you need to improve your work. You can ask your reviewer to explain any areas where the review says you need to do better.

Positive Feedback From Customers

Customers are always honest. Therefore, you can feel highly confident that your work is on par if you receive many positive reviews from your customers. You can be sure that your work is golden if they tell you it is, or they make a point to stop and praise you to management. Furthermore, your happy customers might also write some positive reviews for you and the company you work for online.

No Feedback From Management

A lack of feedback from management isn't always a sign that you are doing well, but in many cases, it is. A manager will usually confront you if you need to improve your work in a certain area. You can feel confident if you do not hear anything from the supervisors and managers who watch you the most. Most managers will approach you if you're having rough times meeting goals, or they see you performing a process incorrectly. Take a deep breath and keep doing well if you don't hear anything from your bosses.

You are most likely doing an excellent job if you find that all three areas are positive. However, it's still wise to go directly to your superiors if you want to know how your performance is. Wait for a convenient time and ask your boss to give you a breakdown.